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MRI, CT Scan and X ray services available 24*7 Open on all Sundays Post Covid packages are available


We, at Tesla, believe in guiding our customers navigate through their situation with the help of high quality healthcare services.

We never know when and how intruders get into the island to mangle it and steal our riches. How can we confront them? The key to catch those trespassers lies in proper identification and timely action. For that, you need a wise and seasoned guide.

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Services & Doctors

At Tesla Scans & Health Care, our practitioners are dedicated to take proper care of the patient – beginning with initial medical consultation till the issue is solved.

Tesla scans and healthcare provides quality healthcare services to patients through competent medical team, qualified technicians and world class digital technology. It is started with a vision to provide diagnostic service, pathology test & radiology imaging to the society.

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We have 1.5 Tesla MRI machine, whole body CT machine, USG and X-Ray.

Outpatient departments for various branches such
as neurology, gynecology, pulmonology, dermatology and orthopedics are open at Tesla. Currently, we have only pulmonologist available.

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Providing comprehensive healthcare solutions

Our Specialities

Patient Care

We offer top-in-class services and remain the ablest choice for your concern of scan center near me.


Tesla scans, one of the best diagnostic centre provides quick and accurate reports to support the diagnose process.

Home collection

If you are living within our vicinity, we will come and collect the patient’s samples.

Lab to lab collection

We collect samples from other centres and test them here.

Providing comprehensive healthcare solutions across kerala for over 3 years…


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