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Are you afraid of MRI scan centre?

If you got an MRI scanning prescription from your doctor to diagnose a health problem in MRI Scan Centre, either you will get tense or worry.  National Health Portal Of India report says that MRIs are very safe. All over world doctors scans millions of MRIs every year. Have you heard about word Claustrophobia, Fear of small spaces. That makes some people visually worry. Apart from that no issues are there in the MRI scan. Only in digital diagnostic centre MRI scan will be there.

 MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging; it is a non-invasive imaging technology that creates images of the inner organs, muscles, and physiological processes occurring inside a patient’s body. Monitoring treatments, diagnosis and detecting the disease is the main use of MRI scan. It excites and identifies the change in the direction of the rotational axis of protons found in the water that made up living tissues.


Operation of MRI

MRI using very strong electromagnets which generate a powerful magnetic field that forces protons in the body to join with that field. A radiofrequency current is pulsed through the body, stimulation of the protons will be done and spin out of equilibrium, it will try to against the pull of magnetic field. The MRI sensors will detect the energy released as the protons realign with the magnetic field when radiofrequency is turned off. Based on these magnet physicians can tell the difference between various types of tissues that take time for the protons to realign with the magnetic field.


Purpose of MRI

MRI scanners are mainly used for imaging the non-bony parts or soft muscles of the body. MRI is entirely different form CT scan (Computed tomography), They are not using the damaging ionizing radiation of x-rays. In MRI will get the clear report of the brain, spinal cord and nerves, as well as muscles, ligaments, and tendons. So MRI is mostly used to get the image of knee and shoulder injuries.


Risk factors in MRI

For your protection and safety healthcare professionals will ask frequent questions and they will follow strict guidelines to keep you safe. It is very important to review your medical and surgical history to decide if you have any surgical implants or things in your body. As same as they will ask you to exclude all type metallic jewellery and metallic objects from your body and pockets. And also the same strict guidelines will follow by a bystander.

The small items, such as pens, keys, glasses, hairpins, oxygen cylinder, wheelchairs, and credit cards will pull by the strong field produced by the MRI scanner. This magnetic field could also cause movement of metallic implants in your body. This could make minor injury in the body.

MRI is a tunnel-like scanning machine, during scanning time you can hear a banging noise of magnetic field. It is a normal sound in every scanning machine. That will change in time and loudness; sometimes it will happen in rapidly or occasionally. Time will depend upon the different types of scanning performed. It is important to hold your body relatively still. Also, the radiologist may be asked to repeatedly hold your breath for a few seconds at a time. If the patient required further contrast liquid, want to injection on arm.

 Have you heard about claustrophobia?

As we discussed above MRI scanner is a tunnel-shaped machine that makes some patients may feel confined, closed-in, or frightened, this is known as Claustrophobia. Perhaps one out of every ten people may require a sedative injection to remain calm. Today open machines are available to minimize the fear of patients. In some scanning centres, they will allow patients with their closed ones to minimize fear. It is easy to get good results when a patient will properly be prepared and know what to expect

Difference between MRI and CT?

Both CT and MRI are used to capture images within our body. So the biggest difference that MRI use radio waves and CT using X rays.  Principle of MRI is using radio waves and magnets to optimize the image.  They’re regularly used to diagnose problems with your:

  • joints of bones
  • brain image
  • wrists and ankles of our body
  • breasts
  • heart-related issues
  • veins

CT scan used to diagnose problems like:

  • fracture of Bones
  • brain tumours
  • to monitor Cancer
  • identifying internal bleeding

Today CT scans centres are commonly using due to the expense of MRI scanning. However, the main difference is CT scan using X-ray while MRI doesn’t. In MRI scanning we will get the detailed image of our body and bone. Both the CT and MRI have some minor issues that depend on the situations only.

CT scan risks:

  • effects unborn babies during
  • pregnancy time
  • It comes to a small form of radiation
  • a reaction occurs when using dyes

MRI risks include:

  • reactions occur to metals due to
  • high resonance magnets
  • Due to loud noise from machines may cause hearing issues
  • Scanning duration will be long, that may cause high body temperature
  • Claustrophobia

After reading this article also you feel unable to control your fears or seriously you are not comfortable with MRI scan. Or else you are thinking MRI is a big problem, your doctor can discuss with one of our radiologists to decide the most suitable plan for you. Here is the contact number for patients with queries related to MRI is 04802704411

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