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MRI, CT Scan and X ray services available 24*7 Open on all Sundays Post Covid packages are available

A complete digital lab in 2021 that fulfil your requirements


Tesla Scans and Healthcare is a comprehensive diagnostic centre. Today’s busy life is very caring about health, it is important to understand and identify complete Diagnostic Centres In Thrissur. A complete diagnostic centre is one that is providing all test facilities under one roof. This includes all kinds of radiological imaging, blood tests and pathology. Due to the limited space in Kerala, it is very much to find such a centre that is providing all facilities. But a visit to Tesla Scans and Healthcare attention will reveal that all facilities are available under one roof.

If you are looking to do heart tests, opt for the heart health package available at the Tesla Scans and Healthcare. The package would include some blood tests, ECG tests and echocardiography. An electrocardiogram or ECG test is a non-invasive test of the heart and its electrical impulses. In case of deviation when reading this test, it is advisable to carry out other tests such as echocardiography, etc. However, each test is a very simple test and it takes the technician a few minutes to implement the test. Some electrodes are placed around the heart that reads the electrical impulses of the heart. Pulses are recorded on a sheet and then evaluated by a cardiologist. If there are differences in readings, it is advisable to carry out other tests.

Services available:

1.5 Tesla Digital MRI scan centre [GE SIGNA CREATOR]

MRI scan is a medical imaging technique that does not include X-rays but uses a solid magnetic field to produce high-quality organ images. GE SIGNA Creator Digital 1.5 Tesla MRI is available in Tesla Scans and Healthcare. This is widely used for medical diagnosis. In medical diagnosis, a wide range of applications are there that are neuroimaging, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, gastrointestinal, and angiography.

MRI produces clear images of tissues and non-bone parts such as muscles, nerves, tendons compared to radiology or scanners. The MRI scan process does not include the use of harmful radiation such as an X-ray. Here am listing some advantages of MRI scan:

  •  Identifying tumour and unwanted growth throughout the body
  •  To diagnose various disorders of the central nervous system such as sclerosis.
  • To study mental health. Checks the condition of the heart and lungs.
  • To understand the medical conditions of organs such as liver, kidney, and endocrine glands.
  • To identify and treat bone marrow and joint to monitor blood vessels.
  • To examine the organs of the pelvic region of men and women, and the glands contained in that region.
  • To detect fertility problems in couples

Multi-Slice CT Scan Centre

CT scanning is a non-invasive CT scan centre that helps the doctor diagnose and treat medical problems. In computer tomography scanning, images are obtained from x-ray equipment, and advanced computers produce several cross-section pictures of the body part being studied. CT scans provide more accurate and clear pictures of organs, fabrics, Bones, Etc.com pared to X-ray. The scan can be done in any part of the body, and this is a painless procedure.

  • CT scan help to diagnose bone and joint issues
  • It helps in detecting mass development, cancer, tumours, etc.
  • To identify blood clots and fluid growth
  • Injuries in internal organs also identify
  • Help to guide methods like a biopsy, surgery, etc.

Ultrasound scan

 Ultrasound scan is of two types, Doppler scan and 3d/4d ultrasound scan

Color Doppler and Thyroid Scan Center

Color doppler test is used to check the blood flow within a patient’s body through the veins and arteries. A Color Doppler test gives details about the speed, movement, and direction of the blood flow. The analysis provides a view of irregularities in blood flow as blockages. A color doppler scan is performed in a thyroid scanning centre to check for the abnormalities associated with the gland.

3d/4d Ultrasound scan

 An ultrasound scan uses high-frequency sound waves to capture live images of organs inside the body. Sonography is another term of ultrasound. Ultrasound also an invasive procedure and has no ionizing radiation involved in the process. This is the perfect method to examine fetus development in pregnancy. 3d and 4d Ultrasound Centres In Chalakudy

Digital X-ray

To study the internal body parts, mainly teeth and bone we are using digital X-ray. It is an anatomical imaging technique. There is no electromagnetic radiation harmful to you. If you are searching best X-Ray Lab Near Me, solution is Tesla scans and healthcare

X-ray helps to:

  • To detecting fractured bones, dislocated joints, poisoning bones
  • To identify arthritis
  • To treat dental difficulties
  • Lung infections, digestive tract problems, heart fitness, etc
  • To check and locate accidentally eaten objects in children.
  • To treat cancer growth
  • To identify kidney stones

Complete digital lab

In India, today lab test and diagnosis is the important thing in our daily life. The need for an automatic digital lab emerged as a result of the increasing number of tests, which need to test done in less time. But in India limited digital diagnostic centres are available. Tesla is a fully automated digital lab.

We have Haematology Lab, Endocrinology Lab, Microbiology Lab, Biochemistry Lab, Parasitology Lab, Serology Lab, Tumour Marker Labs, Pathology Labs, Electrolyte Analyser and Immunochemistry Lab. If you are looking for the best diagnostic centres in Thrissur the solution is Tesla scans and health care. We can also mention that best Digital lab in Chalakudy. We have qualified technicians and world-class digital technology. Tesla scans and healthcare gives perfect and comfortable diagnostic assistance through its various nearest blood test labs and nearby scan centres for its service seekers.