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MRI, CT Scan and X ray services available 24*7 Open on all Sundays Post Covid packages are available

The focus of gastroenterology is the entire digestive system, including esophageal, stomach, intestines, colon, pancreatic, gallbladder, bile duct, liver, and anus. These organs are so broad, and comprehensive diagnosis and treatment are needed. Expert gastroenterologist Dr. Sojan George at Tesla Scans and Healthcare is at the top position in this field. Our specialist doctor at Tesla Scans and Healthcare chooses an empathetic approach to the patients and the disease. They will listen to patient’s concerns and use appropriate investigations to make diagnostics, and then provide the best treatment solution according to the needs of patients. If your concern is the best gastroenterology in Chalakudy or gastro doctor in Thrissur, Then Tesla Scans and Healthcare is the best Diagnostic Centres In Thrissur.