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MRI, CT Scan and X ray services available 24*7 Open on all Sundays Post Covid packages are available

Our Facilities in Clinical Lab And Scan Center

Our diagnostic center have advanced facilities like 1.5 Tesla MRI machine, whole body CT machine, USG and X-Ray


At Tesla Scans and Healthcare, our practitioners are dedicated to take proper care of the patient – beginning with initial medical consultation till the issue is solved. The procedure starts with Out Patient (OP) consultation followed by initial lab tests, USG/ CT/ MRI, and follow-ups if needed. Tesla Scans and Healthcare offers both medical and surgical consultations, including super speciality.


Tesla scans and healthcare provides quality healthcare services to patients through competent medical team, qualified technicians and world class digital technology.

DIGITAL 1.5 TESLA MRI [GE SIGNA CREATOR]MRI scanning is a powerful medical imaging technique that uses strong magnetic field to generate high quality images of organs.
C T SCAN [REVOLUTION ACT]CT scan is arguably the most valuable diagnostic imaging technique in health care.
3D/4D ULTRASOUND3D Ultrasound is a medical ultrasound technique used in Obstetric ultrasonography [pregnancy] to get three dimensional images of the foetus.