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Color Doppler and Thyroid Scan Center

Colour doppler test is used to check the flow of blood inside a patient’s body through veins and arteries. A color doppler test gives details regarding the rate, movement, and direction of the blood flow. The analysis provides an insight into irregularities in blood flow like blockages. A Colour doppler scan is performed in a thyroid scan center to check the abnormalities associated with the gland.


What is the use of a colour doppler scan?


  •  To diagnose blood vessel damages.
  • To detect structural irregularities of the heart.
  • To diagnose narrowing of blood vessels.
  • To determine blockage in bloodstreams.
  • To analyze inflammations and vascular tumors in veins.
  • To analyze blood flow during pregnancy and in the fetus.
  • A colour doppler scan is used in the thyroid scan center to check the functioning of the gland.


Why would you need a colour doppler scan?


If you have a reduction in blood flow to the neck, leg, or arms. Blockages due to blood clots, injuries, and narrowing of blood vessels can cause this decline of blood flow.


The doctor recommends a colour doppler scan if you show symptoms of arterial diseases like a peripheral vascular disease. The condition occurs due to fat deposits in arteries limiting blood flow.


Symptoms like fatigue, swelling in different body parts like feet, shortness of breath might be an indication of heart conditions. A colour doppler scan is suggested for persons with these symptoms.


If the fetus is not developed as expected, the doctor may suggest a colour doppler scan to check the blood flow.


A Colour doppler scan is performed in thyroid scan centers to check the irregularities of the thyroid gland. If your TSH values show any variation from the regular readings or You feel nodules near the gland, a colour doppler scan is suggested.


Preparations to take before a colour doppler scan


There are no particular preparations before appearing for the doppler scan. However, people who used to smoke have to refrain from smoking for a few hours before the test as smoking can narrow the blood vessels and thus affect the results.


What happens during the procedure?


You will lie on the table with the gown provided by them for the painless, invasive procedure. The doctor uses a transducer to check the area of interest. A gel is applied over the skin of the patients in these areas to facilitate the movement of the transducer. Sound Waves pass through the body, and the echoes are used to formulate images inside the body. The total procedure may take up to 30 minutes. Results are obtained readily, and a physician can explain them to you.


Benefits of a colour doppler scan


  • The procedure is invasive and does not require any cuts or shots.
  • It is a painless process and does not require any preparation before the test.
  • No harmful radiations are involved in a colour doppler scan.
  • There are no particular risks involved in the procedure.
  • It is very safe for analyzing the blood flow to the fetus.


Medical ultrasonography uses the doppler effect to generate imaging of movement of tissues and blood, colour doppler scan plays a vital role in determining the amount of narrowing or blockage within an artery. It is mainly used to rule out thrombosis. Thyroid scan centers of Tesla scans use color doppler scan to examine thyroid and other superficial structures. It may also be used to look for tumor vessels to evaluate tiny low flow vessels and detect subtle ischemic changes. A broad spectrum of procedures can be done for carotid, deep vein thrombosis, chronic insufficiency in legs, and Obstetrics.