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Are You Suffering From Rheumatoid Arthritis? Know the diagnosis and treatments?

Now Arthritis is very common. More than 100 types of arthritis and similar diseases are there. Rheumatoid Arthritis is mainly an immune system problem. It will harm your joints if you do not diagnose and treat it. It happens in the first 2 years in most RA patients. Your doctor may tell you to get a blood test from the nearest blood test lab and X-ray. Or the doctor will refer you to get a consultation from an RA specialist. A rheumatologist is called an RA specialist doctor. Rheumatoid Arthritis starts slowly with small symptoms and then gets into both sides of the body which advances over a duration of weeks or months. If you have symptoms better to contact with Digital Diagnostic Center or Physician Near Me

Rheumatoid arthritis in human body illustration

Rheumatoid Arthritis symptoms

This is a lifelong disease that will differ from person to person and also can change from day to day. On RA stable periods indications are less noticeable. Sometimes, RA can be tough to identify. Some symptoms are specified:

• Joint pain is the main symptom
• Swelling on legs
• Stiffness of the joints
• Trouble for at least 6 weeks
• 30 minutes uncomforted in morning
• Feeling tiredness
• dry Face and mouth
• dusty, itchy, or irritated eyes
• Sleeping Problems
• Breathing problem and chest pain
• Skin tissue problems
• loss of hunger
• weight loss

Tests were done for Rheumatoid Arthritis

• The doctor will enquire about your family and personal medical history to get information about RA. If anyone in your family tree has RA, you have the chance to get the disease.
• Physical test in Hospital, the doctor will examine your joints for swelling, tenderness, and range of motion.
• Doctors will write some antibody blood test that will help to get certain proteins that show up in your blood when you have RA. These proteins wrongly target healthful cells and kick off the inflammation process.
• The doctor will check your complete blood count so that they can check anemia, which is common in RA. It looks for four things white blood cells, Red blood cells, Hemoglobin, Hematocrit, and Platelets

Rheumatoid factor (RF)

Your body has healthy tissue, They will get an attack from your immune system that makes a group of proteins is called the rheumatoid factor. Normally it will be in 0 to 20 u/mL and 20 to high is a higher range. Most of the people with high reading have RA. But people without Rheumatoid factors also have a rheumatoid factor. Your disease will be less severe if you have RA but don’t have high RF. If you go into treatment from the hospital also may stay the RF level high.

Anti-cyclic citrullinated peptide (anti-CCP)

When your body will get inflammation the body makes proteins. Along with your RF test, you can also test this one. Normally it ranges from 20 u/mL or less. This test catches the RA in its early stages. This test catches the RA in its early stages. People who have RA or those who are about to get it to have a high-level RA range. 97% chance of RA if you have a positive result. Anti-cyclic citrullinated peptide test is used only to look for RA.

Erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR)

To measure tiredness caused by conditions such as viruses, growths, or immune diseases and also RA. Normally in men younger than 50, it is 0 to 15 mm/h, for men older than 50 it is 0 to 20 mm/h, for women younger than 50 it is 0 to 20 mm/h, and for women older than 50 it is 0 to 30 mm/h.

C-reactive protein (CRP)

It measures the c-reactive protein(CRP) in your blood. It is a protein and produces from the liver. If you get injured or have an infection inflammation will protect your tissues. Normally it ranges less than 10 milligrams per liter, but it differs from person to person. Before RA symptoms there is a chance of getting CRP level high. So it will help the doctors to find the disease early. Doctors use this test also to monitor disease and how well your treatment improving day by day.

Arthritis treatment

Reducing the amount of pain you’re experiencing and prevent additional damage to the joints is the main goal of treatment. They will choose a better treatment for controlling pain. Sometimes people choose heating pads and ice packs to be soothing. Improving your joint function is also important. It is important to improve your joint function also.

Medication treatments available now

• Analgesics
• No steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)
• Menthol or capsaicin creams
• Immunosuppressant’s

Women feeling exhausted and suffering from neck pain. Health-care concept


Preventive methods

To reduce the risk of developing RA main thing is weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight. This helps to reduce symptoms if you already have it. Everybody knows that for weight loss the best and effective method is eating a healthy diet. Antioxidants such as fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs choosing to eat can help to reduce inflammation. Fish and nuts are also inflammation-reducing foods. Some home exercises also will help you from getting arthritis.

In Tesla scans and Healthcare there is a package for Arthritis Check-Up and it consists of various tests. The given package is shown below:

• Alkaline Phosphatase
• Calcium
• RA Factor
• Anti Streptolysin O (ASO)
• Complete Blood Count
• Uric Acid
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