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Over exercise a factor? Learn all about the signs and complications


On Friday, October 29, Kannada superstar Puneet raj Kumar was taken to Vikram Hospital in Bangalore, because of chest pain. The actor, only 46 years old, was treated by a team of doctors. Doctors examined him carefully and later stated that he had not responded to medical care and treatment. The sandalwood star lived a very healthy life and was a fitness enthusiast. This is unfortunate, but I have to wonder if exercise addiction can be fatal. If so, how can we stop?

Physical activity is essential to keep out chronic illnesses and lead a long and healthy life. Regular exercise enables an active lifestyle, monitors weight, and keeps the heart-healthy. However, it is also important to understand that there are drawbacks to pushing our bodies too hard. Keeping a healthy lifestyle and regular checkups in Diagnostic Centres In Thrissur will help you to find better more.

Impact on your heart

Short-term risks of over-exercising include muscle aches, pain, extreme mood swings, and sleep disorders, they can also affect the heart and other parts of the body. Excessive exercise can lead to an increase in blood pressure. Please check your Cardiologist Near Me. In patients with cholesterol plaque in the arteries of the heart, the deposited plaque can crack or tear, which can lead to a heart attack. Some patients can develop a severe cardiac rhythm disorder called ventricular arrhythmia, which can even cause sudden death. Check your blood condition in Nearest Blood Test Lab

If exercise will exceed, how to know that?

Exercise is an important part of your life and there is no reason to stop it. However, if you are a serious heart disease patient or have been diagnosed with chronic cardiovascular disease, diabetes, etc., you need to avoid overloading your body. Appropriate physical assessment is essential before practicing competitive sports, resistance, or high-intensity exercise.

Listen to your body before exercise

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The body will tell you all about your condition in many ways. When you suffer from a cold or mild flu, it tells you that your immune system has gotten weak. If bone or muscle is there you can search orthopedic doctor near me. When you gain weight, your body either signals that you’re eating more calories than you should, or if the weight loss is unexplained, it tells you along with other symptoms that you may be suffering from a hormonal disease.